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Christopher Marsh-Bourdon


Christopher Marsh-Bourdon

Christopher is a software development & infrastructure expert with a result driven ethos who is recognized internationally as a thought leader in software design, execution and quality.  Highly experienced in running large-scale initiatives that fundamentally change the way large organizations design, develop, deploy and manage software projects.  

As an accomplished leader who consistently delivers software, infrastructure and organizational change, he has managed and led projects in every capacity within the technology field over the last twenty-five plus years.  For the last ten years, he has led numerous firm-wide development initiatives within JPMorgan Chase & Co. that have improved how the firm provides customer solutions while delivering considerable efficiencies and capital savings. He originates from the UK, and has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and now the US.

He is currently the Technology Director responsible for the Card, Lending, and Digital Servicing Group for the Consumer and Commercial Bank.

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