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Mapping & Civic Tech: Getting Started With the Basics!

There are lots of great duos in the world. Peanut butter & jelly. Batman & Robin. Lennon & McCartney. In the world of open data, we have a great duo as well: Mapping & Civic Tech. So many civic tech problems can be solved through mapping. It's an exceptionally important skill for any budding civic tech practitioner.

On November 7th, Stephen Hess will give an overview of mapping, covering the basics that you'll need to know for your next civic tech project. He'll cover the following information:

• Intro to JSON • Intro to GeoJSON (the shapes, format) • Using geojson.io for basic visualization • Creating a simple map with leaflet

About Stephen Hess:

Stephen is a software developer at Mapzen (https://mapzen.com/) specializing in geocoding and test-driven development. He has been working in the geo space since 2007. You can find him at his website (http://trescube.github.io/) and on Github (https://github.com/trescube).

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