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Makers' Mixer

NextFab is a network of collaborative makerspaces, with one right here in Wilmington, that provides access to tools, technology, and training for creators of any skill level or interest.

Hagley's library furthers the study of business and technology in America. The collections include individuals' papers and companies' records ranging from eighteenth-century merchants to modern telecommunications and illustrate the impact of the business system on society.

The Mill is Wilmington's premier coworking space, located on the 4th floor of the Nemours building right in downtown Wilmington. The Mill Auditorium is located on the 1st floor and features private rentals as well as indie film screenings on the weekends.

The Auditorium will host NextFab and Hagley to explore the history and future of making! There will be a presentation followed by a meet-the-speakers after party with a signature drink! Doors open at 4, so get your mingle on!

The Mill Auditorium (Theatre N)
1007 N Orange St 19801
Fl 1
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  • The Mill

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