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HipHoponomics Competition

Founded by Delaware Military Academy Economics teacher Greg Caskey, HipHoponomics is the marriage of Economics & Hip-hop.

Over the past two years, Greg has written and produced two albums, namely HipHoponomics Vol. 1 and 2, which are Hip-hop albums designed to spark the interest of his students on matters of deep economic importance. Alongside his own album releases and creating lyrical lesson plans for teachers to implement HipHoponomics in their own classrooms, Greg runs HipHoponomics Competitions for high school students to compete in. In the competitions, students have been given the opportunity to write, produce, and record their own tracks for prize money.

This year's theme is "Why Learn Economics?" The top 3 student entries assessed by the HipHoponomics judges will be invited to perform live at the Delaware Innovation Celebration, where a winner will be decided by live audience vote! $500 in prizes are being sponsored by the University of Delaware Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship for the top 3 entries.

The Mill
1007 N Orange St, Wilmington DE 19801
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