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Dev Talks

Spend the afternoon with your dev team getting inspired with a series of high-level presentations.

Either case-study or demo format, speakers will present talks focused around today's trending problem solving tools and innovative solutions. At the beginning of the event, we will have a jobs fair powered by 1313 Innovation where you will have the chance to meet with hiring companies such as 1313 Innovation, Bookbandit, Chatham Financial, JPMorgan Chase and Think Company.


  • 12:00 PM | Registration, Lunch & Jobs Fair powered by 1313 Innovation
  • 1:35 PM | Opening Remarks
  • 1:50 PM | Talks begin
  • 3:30 PM | Break
  • 4:00 PM | Talks Resume
  • 5:20 PM | Program ends

Dev Talk topics to date:

A Day in the Life of a Developer (within JPMC) with Christopher Marsh-Bourdon, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase

A look at how large financial institutions are evolving the way in which they develop software from end-to-end. This presentation will look at the tooling, practices and methodologies used to deliver high-quality, secure software in a highly regulated industry. It will touch upon the opportunities for Software Engineers, Software Automation Engineers and Business Analysts we have within JPMC, and how we look to developed our organization moving forward.

Microservices Best Practices with Jim Hasenmayer, Director and Software Development Manager at BlackRock

Microservices is a popular architecture for designing modern applications. BlackRock has been designing applications with a service oriented mindset for over two decades. Jim Hasenmayer will go over some best practices that have been learned over that time.

Intro to React JS with Alex Brown, CEO of Textable

React.js, a comprehensive JavaScript library for building user interfaces, has changed the way we think about front-end development. React.js has grasped the interest of the open source community and it is here to stay. This talk will introduce you to React, the fun way, with live coding of a game.

Intro to Kotlin with Tarika Chawla, Software Developer at Warner Bros Digital Labs

This talk is open for both Android and iOS developers. This will be a good time for iOS developers to see if they want dive into android development on side. We will be covering basics in Kotlin and how to make an android app in Kotlin (next generation language). We will also discover how swift and Kotlin together can make you a native cross-platform developer.

Application Security: How it Affects the Everyday Developer with Carina Blair, Application Security Analyst at Chatham Financial

The mission of application security is to protect an application by finding, fixing and preventing vulnerabilities. There are several different types of vulnerabilities ranging in priority and how common or popular those vulnerabilities are. OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is helpful to narrow the focus of application security by reporting the top 10 most popular vulnerabilities. In this talk, we will do a run through of OWASP's top 10 vulnerabilities and how we can incorporate application security into the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Better development through documentation: How proper requirements changed our lives with Frank Lee, Director of Technology at The Archer Group

As your team and your company grow the phrase “It should work like X” stops being an effective way to communicate requirements. In this talk we will discuss the steps you can take to transition your requirements from vague bullet points in an e-mail to functional, testable requirements – and why everyone should be doing this. Please bring your questions!

Accessibility Compliance with Supraja John, Web Development Leadership at Trellist

Accessibility is a legal requirement especially in websites, web applications and mobile apps. This talk focuses on how accessibility should be considered in all stages of projects - estimation, copy, design, development and QA.

Following this event, be sure to join us at Happy hour!

Delaware Technical Community College - Wilmington Campus
300 N Orange Street 19801
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  • Christopher Marsh-Bourdon

    Christopher Marsh-Bourdon

    Christopher is a software development & infrastructure expert with a result driven

  • Alex Brown

    Alex Brown

    Alex Brown is the CEO of Textable. A local Delaware startup that provides texting for businesses. He

  • James Hasenmayer

    James Hasenmayer

    James Hasenmayer is a software engineering leader with expertise in designing, building, and

  • Tarika Chawla

    Tarika Chawla

    Speaker, Tech Blogger, Software Developer at Warner Bros Digital Labs Tarika has extensive

  • Carina Blair

    Carina Blair

    Carina graduated from Wilmington University with a degree in Computer and Network Security in May

  • Frank Lee

    Frank Lee

    Frank is the Director of Technology at The Archer Group, a Digital Marketing agency based in

  • Supraja John

    Supraja John

    As part of Trellist’s Web Development Services, Supraja leads and contributes to IT and


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