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Destination Innovation: The Role of Culture in Charting the Course

This highly interactive roundtable discussion explores the importance of building an innovative culture with high profile examples.

Limitless possibilities exist with innovation! Organizations across industries today have placed innovation on their list of strategic imperatives. To meet this challenge, then, requires that we have a clear understanding of the elements generally possessed by a culture of innovation. Using this as our foundation, we can better perform the recruitment process to ensure creative talent feeds this culture and primes the pump of innovation throughout the organization. Our commitment to innovation, then, is not “added on” to our existing responsibilities. Instead, we must see it as integrated into all we do – from recruitment to training and development. It must become a part of our language and the processes in which we engage.

Topics: Participants will understand the importance of innovation today as a strategic imperative for all organizations. Attendees will explore the elements of an innovative culture with particular attention to the recruitment and development of the workforce. Participants will discover how to take the innovative “temperature” of their own organization. Attendees will examine the barriers to innovation and how to overcome them.

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